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For our friends in need

In 2018 I was living in Cancun, Mexico. I was invited to be part of a rehabilitation team made by Veterinarians for our  friends in need (Cats, Dogs and Horses).

They suggested an amazing 50 Hrs program by:

        Dr. Emmanuelle Vandendriessche

        (Belgium) AIQA

I am certified in Animal Therapy and Manual Manipulation, this learning program was develop with the help of Backbone Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic and Healing Arts®, Germany, and Healing Oasis Wellness Center, EEUU. Please visit AIQA for more information.

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Animal Therapy and Manual Manipulations is design to prepare the student to treat cats, dogs and horses, with or without symptoms.

Student is guided trough a complete protocol of palpation, energetic and structural evaluation, massage techniques, stretches, vertebral ( spine) mobilization and extremities, trigger points and craniosacral therapy. The student then will be able to apply this skills on each subject and symptoms.

The program includes 2 sections, theory and hands on.


General and specific anatomy
Craniosacral Therapy Basics

Chiropractic Basics

Osteopathy Basics

Bio-dynamic Presence

How to Deal with Geriatric Subjects

How to Deal with Athletes

Deal an Education of Owner of Care Taker 

Hands On:

Diagnostics on Several Types of Claudication (limping)

Massage Techniques

Trigger Point Techniques

Stretching Techniques

Fortification of Central Musculature

Osteopathy Techniques

Craniosacral Therapy Techniques

Postural Rehabilitation

Neuralgic  Rehabilitation

Please be aware of State Laws:


Texas Administrative Code
RULE §573.14 Alternate Therapies–Chiropractic and Other Forms of Musculoskeletal Manipulation
(a) Definition. For the purpose of this rule, animal chiropractic and other forms of musculoskeletal manipulation (MSM) are systems of therapeutic application of mechanical forces applied manually through the hands or any mechanical device to treat and/or alleviate impaired or altered function of related components of the musculoskeletal system of nonhuman animals. Animal chiropractic and other forms of MSM in nonhuman animals are considered to be alternate therapies in the practice of veterinary medicine.
(b) Treatment using animal chiropractic and other forms of MSM. Animal chiropractic and other forms of MSM may only be performed by the following.
(1) A licensed veterinarian. Animal chiropractic and MSM may be performed by a licensed veterinarian under the following conditions:
(A) a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship has been established as defined in the Act;
(B) an examination has been made by the licensee to determine that animal chiropractic/MSM will not likely be harmful to the patient; and
(C) the licensee obtains as a part of the patient’s permanent record a signed acknowledgment by the owner or other caretaker of the patient that animal chiropractic or MSM is considered by Texas law to be an alternate therapy.
(2) A non-veterinarian employee or an independent contractor. A non-veterinarian employee or an independent contractor may perform these procedures on an animal under the direct or general supervision of the veterinarian if the conditions in paragraph (1)(A) – (C) of this subsection have been met.
(3) An individual to whom the exceptions of the Act, §801.004, apply.
(c) Responsibility. Whether the animal chiropractic/MSM is performed by a veterinarian or a non-veterinarian employee or an independent contractor working under the supervision of a licensee, the Board will hold the veterinarian to a level of professional judgment as would be exercised by the average Texas veterinarian who performs or recommends chiropractic/MSM treatments in his/her practice.

Please be aware that the service is not a substitute for medical or veterinary care. If your animal appears to be injured please see your veterinarian as soon as possible. By Texas law, therapeutic massage on an animal is required to be done under the direct or general supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  Since Jorge Del Pozo is not a veterinarian and is acting as an independent contractor, a veterinary supervision form is required prior to your first visit in order to be in compliance with Texas Administrative Code  §573.14.


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